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Open Positions

POSTDOC Research Associate Position

Georgia State University and Georgia Institute of Technology seek one or more postdoctoral researchers to work on a collaborative NSF project under the direction of Professor WenZhan Song and Professor Yao Xie. The goal of the project is to create a real-time seismic imaging system with sensor networks, with research focusing on developing decentralized inversion computing algorithms, collaborative signal processing and situation-aware networking technology. In the later phase of the project, the system will be tested with real experiments and field deployment in the Yellowstone National Park or other volcanoes/ geothermal reservoirs.

Funding is available for up to four years and the salary is competitive. The position can be named as a research assistant professor position 1-year later

The location for this position is in City of Atlanta, which provides both extraordinarily collaborative and diversified scholarly and industrial opportunities, as well as beautiful and cosmopolitan living environment. 


Duties and Responsibilities

Research and team management of projects involving sensor network design, distributed signal processing and computing for seismic imaging.


A PhD in computer science and engineering, electrical engineering or closely related fields. Ideal candidates will have strong backgrounds in sensor networks, signal processing, and distributed computing. Candidates with good math background and programming experience on embedded systems are highly encouraged to apply.

Application Instructions

Please email CV, a research statement and three publication samples's URL to Professor Song ( and Professor Xie (

PhD Research Assistant Position

We are looking for one excellent computer science PhD candidate to join Sensorweb Research Laboratory and participate in our research projects. Notice that, for this RA position, we only consider PhD applicants, not MS applicants. We do not offer MS agreee to PhD applicants.

The RA position is highly competitive. We give strong preference to the candidate meeting all the following criteria:

(1) Self-motivated with PhD study and research;
(2) Solid background on algorithms, operating systems and computer networks;
(3) Working experience on embedded system or network programming;
(4) Creative, out-of-box thinking and critical thinking.

In 2010, GSU's CS PhD programn ranking is 49 in USA according to National Academies Press, see the details at here or
According to, our ranking is 10-46 in evaluation of research productivity and student outcomes.

Application Instructions:

  • Step 1: Online official application:PhD Program. In the application form, please put sensor network as preferred research area and my name as interested faculty,so that I can see it.
    PhD/MS Application Deadline: 10/1/20xx for Spring Admission,  1/15/20xx for Fall Admission
  • Step 2: After you complete the online application, highly qualified PhD/MS RA applicant should also email the following materials in a zip file to Prof. WenZhan Song.
    • Curriculum Vitae (also called Resume)
    • Research Statement
    • Publication samples or your publication webpage URL with downloadable publications

In the email, please mention you have completed online application, so that we can actually begin the evaluation of your application.

Notice: We do not consider anyone with MS degree as MS candidate, and we do not offer MS degree to PhD candidate.


Undergraduate/High School Summer Internship

We have one summer internship position for undergraduate or high school student.

We give strong preference to the candidate who meets the following criteria:

(1) Self-motivated;
(2) Good C/Java programming skills;
(3) Good mathematics and algorithm background;

If you are interested to apply, please email your resume to Prof. WenZhan Song. If we see your background as a good fit, then we will contact you.