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Sensorweb Research Laboratory is developing Sensor Web systems and applying this revolutionary technology to critical scientific and engineering applications. The Sensor Web is also called Internet of Things, or Cyber-Physical Systems. We are leaders on decentralized sensing, computing and security in energy, environment and health applications.

Sensor Web is a coordinated observation infrastructure composed of a distributed collection of resources, e.g. sensors, platforms, models, communications infrastructure, that can collectively behave as a single, autonomous, task-able, dynamically adaptive and reconfigurable observing system that provides raw and processed data, along with associated meta-data, via a set of standards-based service-oriented interfaces. The definition of the term, "sensor", is intentionally broad and abstract to include a wide range of data and/or information providers. This definition, for example, includes models and not just physical instruments capable of sensing a phenomenon. Human reports, RADAR, satellite feeds, models, smart meters and thermometers are all examples of sensors within the context of a sensor web. The Sensorweb Research Laboratory is devoted to the sensorweb system research, aiming to provide timely, on-demand data and analysis to users who can enable practical benefits for scientific research, national policymaking, economic growth, natural hazard mitigation, and the exploration of other planets in this solar system and beyond.

Our interdisciplinary sensor web program comes with a number of important research projects in geospatial sensing and computing technology, distributed intelligence and networking on sensor webs. Our research work is largely motivated by the needs of real-time and situation-aware information gathering from unattended environments and effective information sharing over the Internet, hence currently focuses on inventing smart communication/cordination systems to support the Sensor Web vision. The technologies under our development will enable many critical scientific and social applications, such as environment monitoring, smart homes, smart grid, battlefield surveillance, intelligent transportation, and intelligent factories etc.

Sensorweb Research Laboratory is part of the Department of Computer Science at Georgia State University - the heart of downtown Atlanta, GA. The address is 25 Park Pl NE, Suite 643-644, Atlanta, GA 30303 

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